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Our Cloud Computing facitliy has been develped by faculty at the University of the Districit of Columbia with having initial 26 computing nodes. With our strategic plan of expanding the scale of the cloud computing environment by continously adding more computing nodes, . The primary purpose of developing this facility is to initiate new research and education internally and externally with collaborators. The CSIT (Computer Science and Information Technology) Department at UDC is the only producer of Master's degrees in Computer Science at an urban land-grant university in the United States. The CSIT is one of the largest Computer Science and Information Technology departments in the D.C. area.

CSIT students in the department's BSCS (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science), BSIT (Bachelor of Science in Information Technology), and MSCS (Master of Science in Computer Science) programs learn both theory and practice through regular, capstone project, and research courses taught by international-class faculty. The result is highly competitive graduates who can think critically and develop innovative solutions for real-world problems.

CSIT students work with the department's faculty on interesting research challenges in various areas spanning databases, algorithms, artificial intelligence, networking and security, software engineering, GIS, and informatics. The CSIT has a world-class faculty who are active and up-to-date in their fields of expertise.

The cloud computing nodes are placed in a specific designated room (Bldg42, Room108) at UDC. With the developed cloud computing environment and its facility, UDC became a contributing member at SURAgrid on March 28, 2011. SURAgrid is a consortium of organizations collaborating and combining resources to help and create a distributed high performance computing (HPC) infrastructure.

If you are interested in knowing more about this facility, please contact Dr. Byunggu Yu (byuudc.edu) or Dr. Dong Hyun Jeong (djeongudc.edu)